The registration is now open. In view of the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation, the CARDIS organization decided to make CARDIS 2020 a virtual conference.

Technical Program

There are three paper presentations per session. Each is pitched 5 minutes and gets 1-2 short questions right away. Afterward, all papers are discussed together.

Dates are UTC. Times are UTC +01:00.

Wednesday, November 18

13:45-14:00 UTC +01:00
Opening Session
14:00-15:00 UTC +01:00
Keynote #1 (chair: TBD)

Automotive security - a focal point for security challenges
Jörn Eichler
15:00-15:10 UTC +01:00
15:10-16:00 UTC +01:00
Session #1: Post-Quantum Cryptography (chair: TBD)

A Constant Time Full Hardware Implementation of Streamlined NTRU Prime
Adrian Marotzke

Lightweight Post-Quantum Key Encapsulation for 8-bit AVR Microcontrollers
Hao Cheng, Johann Großschädl, Peter B. Rønne, and Peter Y. A. Ryan

Classic McEliece Implementation with Low Memory Footprint
Johannes Roth, Evangelos Karatsiolis, and Juliane Krämer
16:00-16:10 UTC +01:00
16:10-17:00 UTC +01:00
Session #2: Efficient Implementations (chair: TBD)

A Fast and Compact RISC-V Accelerator for Ascon and Friends
Stefan Steinegger and Robert Primas

Optimized Software Implementations for the Lightweight Encryption Scheme ForkAE
Arne Deprez, Elena Andreeva, Jose Maria Bermudo Mera, Angshuman Karmakar, and Antoon Purnal

Secure and Efficient Delegation of Pairings with Online Inputs
Giovanni Di Crescenzo, Matluba Khodjaeva, Delaram Kahrobaei, and Vladimir Shpilrain
17:00-17:10 UTC +01:00
17:10-18:10 UTC +01:00
Keynote #2 (chair: TBD)

Partial key recovery algorithms for side-channel cryptanalysis: results and open problems
Nadia Heninger

Thursday, November 19

14:00-15:00 UTC +01:00
Keynote #3 (chair: TBD)

On Medical Device Security
Hannes Molsen
15:00-15:10 UTC +01:00
15:10-16:00 UTC +01:00
Session #3: Physical Attacks I (chair: TBD)

On the Security of Off-the-Shelf Microcontrollers: Hardware is not Enough
Balazs Udvarhelyi, Antoine van Wassenhove, Olivier Bronchain, and François-Xavier Standaert

A Power Side-Channel Attack on the CCA2-Secure HQC KEM
Thomas Schamberger, Julian Renner, Georg Sigl, and Antonia Wachter-Zeh

How Deep Learning Helps Compromising USIM
Martin Brisfors, Sebastian Forsmark, and Elena Dubrova
16:00-16:10 UTC +01:00
16:10-17:00 UTC +01:00
Session #4: Physical Attacks II (chair: TBD)

Differential Analysis and Fingerprinting of ZombieLoads on Block Ciphers
Till Schlüter and Kerstin Lemke-Rust

Low-Cost Body Biasing Injection (BBI) Attacks on WLCSP Devices
Colin O'Flynn

Let's Tessellate: Tiling for Security Against Advanced Probe and Fault Adversaries
Siemen Dhooghe and Svetla Nikova
17:00-17:10 UTC +01:00
Sponsor Session
17:50-18:05 UTC +01:00
Closing Session